– A well-known minister put forward the name of the president of a coastal club in the Byblos District to sit on a committee in charge of sports, but it seems that said candidate was not enthusiastic about the position for several reasons. He was therefore quick to thank the Minister for suggesting his name.

– Leading figures in Lebanese sport put forward the name of a woman practicing a combat sport to preside over a well-known but non-Olympic combat sports federation, despite the fact that the woman in question practices two well-known combat sports.

– A well-known businessman offered a valuable financial reward to the players of a major sports team after winning against another major team twice in one week. Fittingly, the reward is in “fresh” American dollars.

– Lebanese Rafic Eid is aiming to qualify for the famous Dakar Rally (Motocross competition) to be held next January in Saudi Arabia. Eid has begun his participation in the Portugal Rally, which is a qualifier for the Dakar Rally.

– Actions linked to the elections of the Lebanese Volleyball Federation are intensifying. In this context, a meeting took place far from the spotlight, bringing together four people in a mountainous region, during which elections and alliances were discussed.

– One sports observer predicts that clubs qualifying for the semi-finals of the basketball championship will recruit top players after allocating large budgets for the recruitment process.

– Promising Lebanese players living abroad are expected to join a Lebanese national team that will soon be competing internationally.

– The name of a combat sports activist has been put forward to play an important role in an active combat sports federation. It was noted that the activist had invited the president of the combat sports federation to dinner despite tensions between them for some time.

– A well-known and promising team sport player with a bright future has joined a club in Beirut, playing the position of distributor.

– Many are awaiting the reaction of a senior official at the Ministry of Youth and Sports following the appointment of Fadia Hallal as the ministry’s acting director general. The official believes he is more qualified to hold the position and it is said that he will instruct his assistants not to cooperate with Hallal.