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The Assises du journalisme de Tours, 2024 edition, concluded its activities after four intense days.

In a finale imbued with passion, emotion and inspiration, the Assises du journalisme de Tours 2024 drew the curtain, leaving behind a lasting imprint on the media landscape. Under the bold theme of “Journalism is sport,” the annual event transcended the traditional boundaries of the profession to explore the parallels between the exhilarating world of news and the excitement of sporting competition.

Fiery Debate

During four intense days, the corridors of the Palais des congrès de Tours vibrated to the rhythm of fiery debates (“Women, sport, and the media”), enlightening conferences (Esports, Climate emergencies, Journalism and AI, Sexist and sexual violence in sports journalism…) and interactive workshops (Training in sports journalism…). Eminent figures from the world of journalism (Damien Ressiot, Christelle Chiroux, Estelle Cognacq, Lionel Dangoumau), media specialists (Michel Denisot, Marie Portolano, Géraldine Pons) and sportsmen and women (Julien Soyer, Anne-Sophie de Kristoffy) came to this historic city to exchange ideas, debate and push the boundaries of reflection on the role and nature of modern journalism.

Live reporting scenarios tested the speed of thought, accuracy and composure of the budding journalists, giving them insight into the challenges encountered in the field.

Closing Ceremony

The closing ceremony was marked by gravity and emotion. The jury, chaired by Michel Denisot, awarded five prizes to journalists, paying tribute to those who fell in the line of duty in Gaza, and the posthumous prize to Clémentine Vergnaud for her podcast “Ma vie face au cancer: le journal de Clémentine,” on France Info. The author died in December 2023, aged 31. The Assises de Tours, a genuine forum for exchange, meetings and reflection on journalism, lived up to all its promises.

It was the fruit of a formidable collective dynamic on the part of all those involved in its success. This major celebration of journalism once again fulfilled its mission perfectly. While the participants dispersed, taking with them the lessons learned, the contacts made and the inspiration rediscovered, the Assises du Journalisme de Tours 2024 left a lasting legacy. The next Assises, European this time, will be held from November 20 to 22 in Belgium.