The administrative committee of the Sagesse Club has taken firm disciplinary measures in response to the incidents that occurred during the recent match against the Beirut SC team.

While expressing its gratitude to the loyal public for their constant support, the club deeply regrets the events that tarnished the club’s image.

The team suffered a disappointing defeat against Beirut SC, but it was the inappropriate behavior of some members of the public that attracted attention. The acts of vandalism and unacceptable behavior led the committee to take immediate action.

As a result, the group known as the ultras have been suspended from participating in the next two matches. In addition, specific individuals, identified as having been involved in reprehensible acts, have also been banned from future matches.

The committee stresses the importance of respecting club rules and calls for the adoption of sportsmanship and the maintenance of moral values. It also calls on supporters to refrain from any behavior which is detrimental to the club’s image and reputation.

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