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Beirut SC hosted a game against Sagesse on Sunday November 19. Sagesse came out on top in what was a physical game thanks to their prolific scoring and team chemistry.

The first quarter witnessed a strong start from both teams which each looked like they could take the game, foreshadowing the level of excitement in the coming minutes. The first quarter ended 25-29 in favor of Sagesse, but there was a lot more to come.

The second quarter was a tale of two very evenly matched teams who didn’t disappoint on the offensive end. Whenever Sagesse would score, Beirut SC would answer on the opposing end, which made the game even closer. As the first half was coming to an end, Beirut SC switched off defensively, which allowed Sagesse to see their lead grow to 10 points (45-55).

In the third quarter, Sagesse capitalized on their momentum and continued scoring several points, while Beirut SC continued to struggle to contain them. However, by the end of the quarter, Beirut SC was able to come back into the game to prove that they weren’t yet finished.

The final quarter resembled the second in that both teams were very close but very entertaining. With 5 minutes and 30 seconds remaining, a fight erupted between the two teams, more specifically between Ezzedinne of Sagesse and Ali Haidar of Beirut, after a physical altercation between the two. The match resumed several minutes later as Beirut came back and closed the difference. However, the game ended on a very narrow lead of 2 points in favor of Sagesse (87-89).

Beirut’s Tucker was the top scorer of the game and despite his great performance, his team will be looking to bounce back in the coming games. It is safe to say that Sagesse were the better team in the match, leading the scoring at the end of each quarter, even though it looked like Beirut could come back to snatch the win.