Hezbollah’s Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah reiterated on Wednesday that his party will “fight until the aggression against Gaza ends.” He stated, “If a ceasefire agreement is reached in Gaza, our front will stop. However, if Israel attacks southern Lebanon after the Gaza ceasefire, we will defend Lebanon and will not tolerate occupation. We are awaiting the outcome of the negotiations.”

In a speech marking the commemoration of Hezbollah’s “Aziz” unit commander, Mohammad Nehmeh Ali Nasser, who was killed in an Israeli strike last Monday, Nasrallah reiterated yet and again that his militia is “not afraid” and is “ready for war.” He emphasized (just like in every speech) the fighters’ steadfast commitment to fight on the front line, as they are determined to achieve victory or die as martyrs.

In response to Israeli threats of war against Lebanon, Hezbollah’s leader confirmed the party’s readiness, stating, “Israel, which is not able to complete successfully its operation (in Gaza) and secure strategic gains in Rafah, cannot invade Lebanon.” He added defiantly, “Those who demand our withdrawal north of the Litani are fools and ignorant. When tanks reach our borders, they will find out what awaits them. We are always ready.”

Regarding the ceasefire negotiations between Hamas and Israel in Doha and Cairo, as the conflict enters its 10th month, the leader of the Shiite armed group emphasized that the Palestinian Islamist movement is negotiating on behalf of the entire pro-Iranian axis. He stressed that Hezbollah and other groups will abide by any agreement reached.

On the 277th day since the Lebanese-Israeli front began, Nasrallah praised the achievements of the front launched on October 8, stating that it had achieved its goals. He said that the Lebanese front, alongside “all supporting fronts,” aimed to psychologically, morally and materially drain the enemy. Pointing to societal issues within Israel attributed to the “resistance,” such as conflicts with the Haredim, the pro-Iranian leader emphasized that victory or defeat in war is not solely about casualties, but about destabilizing the enemy.

In short, it was a one-hour-long faltering warmongering speech promoting a hypothetical “divine victory” that deliberately overlooks the challenges of a crumbling Lebanon.

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