Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea criticized those “claiming that 86 MPs are ready to participate” in an official dialogue table chaired by Speaker Nabih Berri. “If it were true,” he questioned, “why don’t they follow through by sitting as long as they want around a table chaired by Speaker Berri?”

In a statement, Geagea emphasized, “We will not, under any circumstances, be among those who participate in creating constitutional customs by forming an official dialogue table before electing a president.”

He pointed out that the Lebanese Forces (LF) and the opposition prioritize the second stage, calling for an open session with successive rounds until a president is elected. “The first stage, for us, is unconstitutional,” he added.

Geagea assured that ongoing dialogue within the LF and the opposition has led to the identification of two candidates. He stressed ongoing discussions with the majority of parliamentary blocs, which occur “continuously, without fanfare or ostentatious displays.”

“The most important aspect,” Geagea reiterated, “is Speaker Berri’s call for an open session with successive rounds until a president is elected,” underscoring that adherence to the constitution from the outset could have prevented the current situation.

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