A senior European diplomat revealed on Friday, that “EU foreign ministers will discuss on Monday supporting Cyprus against looming threats,” noting that “Cyprus is not afraid of Hezbollah but of the influx of refugees and migrants if the conflict in Lebanon expands.”

He stated that “the Cypriot Foreign Minister will inform his European counterparts on Monday about the imminent risks following Hezbollah’s threats.”

“Hezbollah’s leader’s accusations against Cyprus are unfair and baseless,” he said, emphasizing that “the European Union is very concerned about the risks of war expanding in Lebanon.”

The senior EU diplomat confirmed, “We are talking with Hezbollah, the Lebanese government, and Iran to stop the escalation.”

Last Wednesday, Nasrallah warned Cyprus “against opening its airports and bases to Israel to target Lebanon,” revealing that Hezbollah had received information indicating that Israel, which conducts annual maneuvers in Cyprus, might use Cypriot airports and bases to attack Lebanese territory if Hezbollah targets Israeli airports.

“The Cypriot government should beware that opening its airports and bases to Israelis for the purpose of targeting Lebanon means that the Cypriot government has become part of the war, and we will treat it as part of the conflict,” Nasrallah said in his televised appearance on Wednesday 19.

The intensity of clashes and skirmishes between Hezbollah and Israeli forces has significantly increased on both sides of the border since last week, along with heightened threats, especially following Israel’s assassination of Talib Abdullah, a prominent Hezbollah leader.