Israeli media reported on Thursday afternoon that sirens sounded non-stop in the Upper Galilee, targeted by Hezbollah who fired, for fifteen minutes, several salvos of rockets from southern Lebanon. At least 15 fires were reported in the area, according to Haaretz.

Rockets fell as well in the Golan Heights, where two people were wounded. Maariv reported that “at least 150 rockets” were fired at the Upper Galilee.

Hezbollah fighters launched “an attack with rockets and drones, targeting six barracks and military sites” while simultaneously flying “squadrons of explosive-laden drones” at three other Israeli bases, the group said in a statement.

It said the attacks were “part of the response to the assassination” of Hezbollah commander Taleb Abdallah on Tuesday.

The morning began quietly on the southern border. It was punctuated by a few exchanges of artillery fire, particularly in the Hasbaya caza, where tensions had risen a notch on Wednesday following the liquidation of a Hezbollah cadre.

Fires were ignited in the village of Hula, near the Al-Manara site, by Israeli firebombs, and were still out of control on Thursday morning.

An Israeli raid on a house in the village of Ainata at dawn on Thursday left one man wounded and hospitalized; his condition is stable.

Reconnaissance flights by MK drones were also reported on Thursday morning in the Bekaa, the Rachaya al-Wadi heights, and the Jabal al-Tuffah region.