As part of the initiatives to unblock the presidential elections, MP Faysal Karameh’s National Consensus bloc was the focus of Tuesday’s discussions.

The first meeting took place with the leader of the Free Patriotic Movement, Gebran Bassil.

At the end of this meeting, the Tripoli MP affirmed the need to keep the lines of communication open, which is the key to all solutions. “Dialogue, or consultation, is the only way out. Berri’s roadmap is the only solution, and we adhere to it without preconditions,” he continued.

For his part, Bassil asserted that the only solution to the stalemate lay in understanding and consensus. He also added that the victory of one team over the other would be a failure for everyone.

MPs from Teymour Joumblatt’s Democratic Gathering also met Karameh and members of his bloc on Tuesday. Last week, the Democratic Gathering launched an initiative to reconcile points of view on the election of a president.

In this context, the Secretary General of the Progressive Socialist Party, Zafer Nasser, told MTV that the speaker’s proposal is an opportunity to elect a president.

Following these two meetings, the members of the National Consensus bloc visited the speaker of the Parliament. Speaking on behalf of the bloc, MP Mohammad Yahya welcomed the various initiatives.

“Some MPs have succeeded, thanks to meetings and discussions, in accepting the idea of dialogue, notably the FPM and MP Gebran Bassil, who we met this (Tuesday) morning,” he said.

Yahya also assured that his bloc adheres to Berri’s proposal to set up a dialogue chaired by the latter under the dome of Parliament.