Five people were killed in two consecutive Israeli raids carried out against a residential area in Naqoura, and in Mays al-Jabal in southern Lebanon on Monday. Among those killed were three Hezbollah fighters, whose deaths were announced by the Iran-backed group.

A fourth fighter was killed in Israeli raids earlier in the day in Qoussair, Syria, according to a Hezbollah statement.

In the evening, Hezbollah announced the death of a fifth combatant, killed in an Israeli raid targeting a motorcycle at the Al-Mansouri intersection in the south. Another person was also wounded.

In Naqoura, two houses were completely destroyed, and damage was caused to surrounding buildings.

Israel also carried out a drone strike near a gathering of rescuers from the Islamic Health Association, affiliated with Hezbollah, in Naqoura. One rescuer was injured and transported to the hospital. Another raid targeted Odaisseh and Rachaya al-Foukhar.

For its part, Hezbollah claimed responsibility for an attack on the headquarters of the Israeli 91st Division in the Branit barracks with a burkan missile, “causing a fire and several injuries” among Israeli troops, according to a Hezbollah communiqué.  Hezbollah also targeted the Al-Raheb site and the Zebdine barracks in the Shebaa farms.