Hezbollah’s response to Israel’s elimination of one of its senior executives, Hussein Makki, on Tuesday evening, was swift. On Wednesday, the pro-Iranian group launched a salvo of Katyusha and Burkan rockets against Israeli positions. In a series of statements, it claimed to have targeted the headquarters of Brigade 91 at the Biranit barracks, and the air traffic control base on Mount Meron. Hezbollah also announced that it had targeted the technical systems and spy equipment installed at the so-called Radar site in the Shebaa farms, the Sammaka position on the Kfarchouba hills, and the maritime position at Ras Naqoura.

According to Israeli media, more than 60 rockets were fired from southern Lebanon towards northern Israel, causing “minor damage,” and fifteen people were injured in northern Israel, nine of whom are in critical condition.

On Tuesday, at around 10 PM, Hussein Makki and two of his associates were killed in an Israeli drone strike that targeted their car near the city of Tyre.

The Israeli army’s Arabic-speaking spokesman, Avichay Adraee, reported the operation on his X account on Wednesday. “The Defense Army succeeded in eliminating Hussein Makki, who was responsible for planning and executing terrorist operations against Israel,” he wrote on his X account, accompanying his statement with a video of the operation.

According to Israeli sources, Hussein Makki was close to Mohammad Reza Zahedi, a senior member of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard who was killed on April 1 in Damascus.

He was considered one of Hezbollah’s major leaders, and was known as “an important data bank,” or “the strong arm” of Hezb secretary general Hassan Nasrallah in Syria.

The pro-Iranian formation announced on Wednesday morning the death of Hussein Makki, specifying that he was originally from Beit Yahoun in southern Lebanon.

For its part, the Israeli army stepped up its bombardment of Lebanese villages, targeting Rab al-Thalathin, Yaroun, Jabal Blat, Jabal al-Labbouneh, Alam and Hamoul, as well as the outskirts of Naqoura and Alma al-Shaab. At the same time, Israeli reconnaissance aircraft flew over the area, stretching from Naqoura to Tyre.

Israel also raided Aitaroun, the al-Mansouri plain, the Yaroun forests, and two buildings in Jabal Rihane and Blida. The Israeli army claimed to have targeted Hezbollah buildings in the two latter villages.

On the other hand, one missile launched from Lebanon fell accidentally on a house belonging to Syrians in Mansouri. One person was killed and five others were wounded.