On Wednesday, the Attorney General at the Court of Cassation, Jamal Hajjar, sent two formal requests to the Swedish and Emirati authorities. In the first letter, he requested the arrest of Lebanese national Paul Meoushi, known as Jay, currently residing in Sweden. The second letter pertains to the arrest by the relevant authorities of another Lebanese citizen, Peter Naffah. Both men are implicated in a disturbing case of pedophilia on TikTok and are being actively sought-after by law enforcement. Meoushi and Nassar are believed to oversee the network of pedophiles on TikTok, which they are allegedly financing in Lebanon.

According to a judicial source cited by our colleague Houna Loubnan, “once Lebanon is notified of the arrest of the two men, it will send detailed files to Stockholm and Dubai outlining the information and evidence gathered regarding their respective roles, based on which it will ask for their repatriation.”

Meanwhile, Nicolas Mansour, the lead investigating magistrate for Mount Lebanon, has started the interrogation process with the apprehended members of the network. According to the same source, “once Judge Mansour issues arrest warrants in absentia for the fleeing suspects, particularly those abroad, the judiciary will promptly transmit these warrants via Interpol, thereby turning them to international arrest warrants.”

So far, the current number of individuals arrested in the TikTok pedophile case stands at 12. The detainees include a hairstylist, the owner of a clothing store, a dentist and a young woman accused of luring children and teenagers via the TikTok application, subsequently handing them over to the network members.