The Greek Orthodox Metropolitan of Beirut, Bishop Elias Audi, emphasized the need to elect a president during his Easter Mass at St. George’s Cathedral in Downtown’s Nejmeh Square.

“Our country requires officials who work for it and not for their interests, and the first duty of parliamentarians is to meet within the constitutional deadline to elect a president who will lead the country with honesty and wisdom,” he said.

Audi commented that “Lebanon will not be invited to regional negotiations without a president and a functioning government.”

He said, “Our country will not rise unless the work of its constitutional institutions is regularized and no president is elected due to bickering, obstruction and the imposition of fads that are not stipulated in the constitution.”

He continued, “It is shameful that the Lebanese feel that their parliamentarians are helpless and wait for foreign aid, and nothing is in their pockets or in their heads.”

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