As is customary annually, the Sacred Flame, originating from the Holy Sepulcher Basilica in Jerusalem, arrived in Beirut on Saturday evening at around 8 PM.

A clergyman from the Orthodox Archdiocese of Beirut, Father Nektarios Kheirallah, was chosen to travel to Jordan to retrieve it.

Upon arrival at the airport, the Sacred Flame was transported to the seat of the Orthodox Archdiocese of Beirut, in Ashrafieh, where it was received by Metropolitan Elias Audi, bishop of the Greek Orthodox Church of Beirut.

Subsequently, it was moved by the priests to their respective churches.

Fireworks marked the arrival of the holy fire which will be transported from one church to another, to be reverently passed from hand to hand among the faithful.

The flame made the journey from Jerusalem through Jordan before landing in Beirut, in what has become a yearly tradition on the eve of the Greek Orthodox Easter to mark the Christ’s rebirth.

The sacred flame, deemed miraculous, was transported in a special private plane to Lebanon.