Fadi Hanna, whose candidacy was backed by the Free Patriotic Movement and Hezbollah, was elected president of the Order of Engineers of Beirut on Sunday, succeeding to Aref Yassine. He beat his rival Pierre Geara, supported by the Future Movement, the Lebanese Forces and the Kataeb, by a margin of more than 500 votes: 4,634 votes for Fadi Hanna against 4,129 for Pierre Geara.

At the end of a long election day during which 9,500 engineers voted out of 36,000 who had paid their dues, five members of the Order’s Council were also elected: Ahmed Najmeddine (4,567 votes), Haytham Ismail (4,433 votes), Hassan Jawad (4,297 votes), Jacques Ghosn (4,125 votes) and Nasser Eido (3,839).

In Tripoli, Chawki Fatfat was elected head of the Order of Engineers with 1,707 votes against 1,543 for his rival, Moursi el-Masri. The list he chaired was supported mainly by the Free Patriotic Movement and “Al-Azm wal Karama.”

Four new members of the Order were also elected: Michel Feghali (1.482 votes), Mahmoud el-Saj (1.464 votes), Bassem Khayat (1.556 votes) and Salim Nachabe (1.491 votes).