Cypriot President Nikos Christodoulides and caretaker Prime Minister Najib Mikati agreed to “coordinate with the European Union (EU) to set up a framework agreement, like the one previously concluded with Egypt and Tunisia, to halt migratory flows, provide aid to Lebanon and encourage displaced Syrians to return.”

After the meeting, Christodoulides and Mikati stressed “the necessity of seeking a comprehensive and lasting solution to the crisis of displaced Syrians, which is hurting regional countries, particularly Lebanon and Cyprus.”

Moreover, Christodoulides and Mikati affirmed the “adherence of Lebanon and Cyprus to historic relations that unite them, as well as their willingness to continue efforts to preserve the security of both countries.”

In parallel, Mikati emphasized that “there is the possibility of collaboration that would enable competent institutions to control maritime borders, as both nations are active members of the League of Arab States and the European Union.”

According to Mikati, “The army and security forces are stepping up their efforts against any attempt at illegal immigration.”

“Lebanon remains one of the countries with the highest number of refugees, which considerably affects its security and stability, but also its demographic reality, which must not be changed in any way. Hence, the need for the EU and the rest of the international community to reconsider their policies regarding Syria, as most regions have become safe zones for the return of displaced persons,” Mikati added.

The Cypriot President recalled that Cyprus is trying its best “to exert pressure on the EU and international players to turn their attention to the challenges facing Beirut,” indicating that it will continue to provide technical and material support to the institutions of the Lebanese state, in particular the Lebanese army.

Christodoulides also stressed the “need for international organizations to work towards funding development projects in Syria, which would stimulate the return of displaced people.”