Metropolitan Elias Audi criticized Lebanon’s leaders and accused them of being “responsible for the high level of corruption and dysfunction that has shaken Lebanon, and then washing their hands of their own actions.”

During his Sunday sermon, Bishop Audi lashed out against “a system marked by injustice and inequality.” He particularly blamed “officials who seek to preserve their own interests at the expense of those of the citizens.” He pointed at the ministers who “make arbitrary appointments, contrary to the law and customs.” He criticized them for “doing everything to reach their post, but once appointed, they forget that they are at the service of the people and indulge in practices contrary to the rules.”

Bishop Audi also deplored the fact that Lebanon is still without a president. He added that “it is regrettable that the deputies, the representatives of the people, are not doing enough to apply the constitution and elect a president.”

He then urged the Lebanese not to be discouraged in the face of adversity.