During the Sunday Mass in Bkerke, Maronite Patriarch Bechara al-Rai emphasized that the fate of a country to be dragged into war is not in the hands of one entity but rather a collective decision from the state as a whole to protect the country.

He stated, “The decision to resort to war should not be taken by a person, a party or a group of citizens. It is the decision of the state in extreme cases after taking into account the human, material, financial and destructive losses and the fate of peaceful citizens.”

In a poignant plea for peace, Patriarch al-Rai implored political leaders and stakeholders to prioritize dialogue and reconciliation over the path of war. “The decision to go to war is a grave responsibility for its consequences,” he cautioned, emphasizing the profound ramifications of armed conflict on innocent civilians.

The patriarch addressed the grim realities facing Lebanon and Gaza. He decried the scourge of violence and conflict and underscored the urgency of collective action in pursuit of peace.

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