An Israeli drone raided the border town of Yarine on Tuesday, resulting in the injury of a woman. In response to “Israeli attacks on steadfast southern villages and civilian homes, including the recent one on the town of Yarine, which resulted in a woman being injured,” Hezbollah targeted on Tuesday evening the nearby settlement of “Ghesher HaZiv” with Katyusha rockets.

Additionally, Hezbollah launched dozens of rockets towards the Nahariya settlement. Some were intercepted, according to Israeli media. Alarm sirens were heard in settlements in the Western Galilee.

Moreover, the Iran-backed group targeted the Malikiya and the al-Samaka sites in the Kfarchouba hills as well as the Hounin barracks “with suitable weapons and direct hits.” It announced in a statement the death of one of its fighters, Hassan Reda Youssef.

Certain reports relayed on Tuesday morning that UNIFIL postponed its activities on the ground and peacekeepers were no longer leaving the barracks due to the Saturday strike on a peacekeeping force vehicle on the outskirts of Rmeish, which injured three UNTSO peace observers and a Lebanese translator.

“Despite increased tensions between Hezbollah and the Israeli army, UNIFIL peacekeepers persist on the ground normally,” UNIFIL spokesperson Andrea Tenenti told This is Beirut.

He assured that UNIFIL “continues to carry out its activities, including patrols, and its essential work with the parties to de-escalate and reduce tension in the area.”