Caretaker Minister of Interior and Municipalities Judge Bassam Mawlawi stressed, “The Bekaa belongs to the people of Bekaa and Lebanon, and Lebanon belongs to the people of Lebanon.” Mawlawi made these statements during his participation in a Ramadan iftar ceremony organized in his honor in Central Bekaa

Addressing recent security incidents occurring across various locations and the crime in Achrafieh involving non-Lebanese individuals, he expressed appreciation for the security forces’ efforts in maintaining peace and harmony across the nation, emphasizing the importance of government support for the Bekaa region, which has historically been neglected. Mawlawi stressed the need for the state to provide essential infrastructure, services, security and justice to the people of Bekaa, urging an end to their deprivation.

He added, “Building the state is done through economic unity and economic integration between the public and private sectors. And through love and harmony between all sects, the state will be built.”