On this Palm Sunday, Maronite Patriarch Bechara al-Rai mentioned in his sermon the “political sins” in Lebanon, the “suffering of the children of Gaza,” and the victims of the latest incident in Moscow.

“Our sins in Lebanon have accumulated to the extent that we live against the sanctity of the self, others, and spiritual, social, and political sinfulness,” he stated, adding “it has reached its peak in corruption,” praying for the salvation and victory amidst the political sinfulness that has reached rampant corruption.

Rai said that the children of Gaza are subjected to “clear acts of extermination” in hospitals, on the escape route, standing in line to seek a share of food, suffering from hunger and lack of medicines, while the same goes for men, women and youth.

He blamed the “world for standing silent for fear of interests,” and expressed disgrace on this generation of rulers.

The Maronite Patriarch noted that “this holiday is not a happy one for many of the children who suffer from hunger and poverty.”

Rai highlighted that the catastrophe that the Russian and Ukrainian families are enduring was exacerbated by “the massacre apparently committed by armed elements, and those behind them, of ISIS on Friday evening,” extending his condolences and thoughts to the Russian Embassy in Beirut.

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