The Council of Ministers started at 4 PM discussing their agenda. Among the 27 items on this agenda, one is related to the restructuring of banks, and another has to do with the demands of the civil servants who went on strike. They require a salary raise and better social benefits.

Prior to the opening of the meeting, caretaker Minister for Displaced Persons Issam Charafeddine announced that he had sent a written letter to the President of the Council expressing his reservations about the bank restructuring project. According to him, it is “very likely” that the text will be withdrawn from the meeting “for further study.” Charafeddine added that his colleague, caretaker Minister of Economy Amin Salam, shares his views.

The Council of Ministers will also discuss the demands of retired military personnel. The latter, who are also requiring a readjustment of their pensions, will hold a sit-in at Riad el-Solh square at 2 PM.

According to retired army general Andre Bou Maachar, a solution is being planned. On his Facebook account, he reported that the Central Bank (BDL) had given the green light for a solution based on which retired military personnel would be given an increase, on the condition that half of the amount be paid by credit card.

He claims this formula should make it possible “not to raise the government’s spending ceiling.”

According to the proposal, the military will receive four pensions, provided they are not less than LBP 16 million, paid as follows: LBP 8 million in cash and LBP 8 million by credit card.