Southern Lebanon awoke on Tuesday to four raids on the localities of al-Bisariya, Jabshit, al-Mansouri and el-Heniyeh. No casualties were reported. This was Israel’s response to the launch of a rocket launcher from the town of Tiri towards northern Israel on Tuesday morning.

Earlier, Hezbollah declared that it had targeted “the Meron air control base on Jabal al-Jarmak with a large volley of rockets from several launchers,” in retaliation for yesterday’s (Monday) deadly Israeli strikes. The Iron Dome intercepted a number of rockets fired at Israel from southern Lebanon, some of which were aimed at the Meron air base on Mount Hermon.

Also on Tuesday morning, Israeli artillery fire hit the outskirts of Yaroun and the Hamames hill area, and a shell landed near the western entrance to Wazzani.

Alarm sirens were also heard in the settlements of Sa’asa’a, Kfar Hoshen, Doviv and Sfasofa in the Upper Galilee, and press reports indicate that up to 40 rockets were fired.

As a reminder, Monday’s raids on Baalbek left two dead in the ranks of Hezbollah, and the Israeli army claims to have targeted the pro-Iranian group’s air defenses after the group had shot down one of its drones. In retaliation, Hezbollah fired 60 rockets at an Israeli base on the Golan Heights on Monday evening.