French Ambassador to Lebanon Hervé Magro declared on Thursday that French President Emmanuel Macron’s personal envoy for Lebanon, Jean-Yves Le Drian, “will be visiting Beirut shortly to follow up on the Quintet Committee’s mission in resolving the presidential vacuum.”

During a meeting with the Maronite League, Magro announced that France is “focused on ensuring that Lebanon is not drawn into the ongoing regional escalation.”

According to the statement issued by the League, “The situation in Lebanon was discussed from various angles in light of the war on Gaza and its repercussions, especially in the South, and the role that France is playing at this stage.”

Magro had previously affirmed France’s willingness to prevent a regional escalation that “would be catastrophic for Lebanon” in a statement he made on New Year’s Day.

The issue of Syrian refugees in Lebanon was also raised during the meeting after the President of the Maronite League, Ambassador Khalil Karam, expressed the Lebanese people’s concerns regarding it.

In response, Magro stated that his country “wishes to play a role in this dossier and reach a solution that aligns with Lebanon’s interests,” emphasizing the importance of a new head of state continuing to address this issue.

The meeting also touched on France’s role in supporting the educational and healthcare sectors in Lebanon. Magro emphasized France’s constant support for the Lebanese army and security forces to carry out their role in maintaining stability in the country.