Civil servants in the public administration voiced their concerns on Friday evening, threatening an all-out strike. They had previously engaged in a partial strike, maintaining a permanent presence one day per week.

The League of Civil Servants called on the government to approve the civil service decree at Tuesday’s Cabinet meeting. In a press release, it pointed out that the raise proposed in the decree was a “productivity allowance” and not a “salary adjustment.” Additionally, this raise is subject to conditions that civil servants consider “difficult,” as it imposes “a significant daily material cost” on them.

The League also stressed that the decree is intended to be “temporary,” until “the government completes the project of salary adjustment and transport allowances, as well as all health, social and educational benefits.” It also hoped that the government would “separate the rights of civil servants from any political quarrel.”

Consequently, it urged the Cabinet to “keep its promise to preserve employees’ rights and the smooth running of work in the public administration.”

According to the statement, if the Cabinet fails to approve the decree on Tuesday, civil servants will be forced to stop working altogether, especially after having maintained positive cooperation in the previous period.

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