Gebran Bassil is still using every possible means to attack and dismiss the army’s Commander-in-Chief, Joseph Aoun, whose presence at the head of the army would strengthen his chances of being elected president.

The name of the head of military intelligence, General Antoine Kahwaji, has been put forward to replace General J. Aoun, who is due to retire next January – a maneuver aiming at creating a rift within the last remaining state institution.

This move is criticized by sovereignist circles that are trying to safeguard the army by calling for an extension of the general’s mandate.

This Is Beirut has learned from credible security sources that General Kahwaji quickly cut short these attempts at a split by expressing steadfast support to Joseph Aoun: “We stand with you, and we will support you in carrying out your mission”.

This latest development represents yet another futile endeavor for Gebran Bassil, who lacks no imagination to persist in his destructive course for the country, initiated by his father-in-law, former President Michel Aoun.