The ceasefire at the Ain al-Hilweh camp lasted only a few hours. On Tuesday, late in the evening, fighting resumed between Fateh and Islamist factions in the camp.

However, early in the evening, calm prevailed in the camp after a long day marked by sporadic gunfire and meetings aiming to reach a truce. The fighting had stopped as a Palestinian Working Committee delegation arrived at the camp, accompanied by representatives from the Amal movement and the Nasserist Popular Organization, in order to consolidate the ceasefire. At the same time, the Army was deployed heavily in Saida.

The Palestinian delegation had split into two groups. The first group met with the Palestinian Security Chief in Lebanon, General Sobhi Abou Arab, the Saida Palestinian Security Chief, Abou Ayad al-Chaalan, and the Commander of the Joint Security Forces, Mahmoud al-Ajouri. The second group had discussions with representatives of the Islamist factions in Ain al-Hilweh. Both parties had affirmed their commitment to the ceasefire, according to several reliable sources.

As a reminder, fighting broke out on Saturday following the assassination of Abou Achraf al-Armouchi, a Fateh official, in an armed ambush. Since then, clashes have been ongoing between Fateh, the main Palestinian organization led by the President of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas, and Islamist factions in the camp, notably Esbat el-Ansar.

The four-day-long clashes have resulted in twelve deaths and over sixty injuries, according to an unofficial toll reported by the media.

Throughout Tuesday, meetings were held at various levels to put an end to the skirmishes.

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