The Military Tribunal issued on Friday a warrant against retired Brigadier General Georges Nader on charges of illegally wearing military fatigues, headwear, and a shirt bearing the insignia of the Lebanese Armed Forces.

Nader, former commander of the army’s Airborne Battalion, was summoned to appear in court on May 26th to justify the transgressions he committed as per article 144 of the military law.

He said that he will appear in court “unlike Ali Hassan Khalil and Ghazi Zaiter”, a reference to the former ministers who failed to appear before the investigative judge after being summoned as suspects in the August 4th Beirut port blast.

“I am a law-abiding citizen, but the form in which the warrant was issued is flawed. I have never worn my military attire after I retired,” Nader said.

The veteran, who served more than 35 years in the army, asked “who’s that big shot who summoned me? What’s his name? where was he when I was defending the army and the honor of my military outfit?”

“If you are so keen on defending the army’s fatigues, what do you have to say about the armed drill on May 25th, which will be broadcast on all TV channels to commemorate Liberation Day?” Nader asked.

The general pointed out that “these are the exact words” he will utter in court, for he is not a “double-faced” person.

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