Officials from the Ministry of Finance have taken a stand, demanding that the government address the concerns of public sector administrative staff and warning of the possibility of a strike.

In a statement released on Saturday morning, they highlighted the strenuous efforts made by the Public Finance Directorate since the onset of the crisis in 2019. They argued that these efforts were crucial for maintaining operations and asserted that this path was essential for improving their working conditions. However, they emphasized that continuing such efforts without a corresponding improvement in their working conditions is now deemed impossible.

In response to what they perceive as government inaction and negligence, administrative staff members have decided to raise their voices and issue a strike threat if the government does not promptly address their situation next week. The officials underscored that this decision is reinforced by recent salary adjustments for various categories in the public sector. They warned of what they view as “unjustified discrimination,” suggesting an intention to push them out of the public service.