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Under the patronage of H.E. the Minister of Tourism, Mr. Walid Nassar, organized by the Women Of Beirut (WOB) and in collaboration with the Beirut Art Curators Collectives (BACC), an exhibition dedicated to painting and sculpture enlivens the Saint-Nicolas Garden in Achrafieh for three days, from May 10 to May 12.

“En Plein Art” is an initiative led by the energetic Nicole Karam who, after spending 20 years in the United States, decided to bring her personal touch to the Lebanese art scene. Nicole is not only a painter and sculptor but also the owner of “La Maison d’Art” Gallery, located just behind the Saint-Nicolas Garden.

She collaborated with Nadine Fayad, owner of the namesake gallery, and Louis Ragy, owner of the “Treasures and Arts” gallery, to create this outdoor artistic event in the Saint-Nicolas Garden.

They have invited several galleries, including Aramé and Kaf, as well as the “Artists of Beirut,” to participate in this exhibition, which will mark the beginning of a series of similar events.

To the sound of an accordionist who enlivened the atmosphere with music, the red ribbon was cut by the outgoing Minister of Culture, Mr. Walid Nassar, and the Governor of Beirut, Marwan Abboud, in the presence of personalities such as Mrs. May Chidiac and Mr. Nadim Gemayel.

In a jovial atmosphere, rich in art and colors, numerous guests flocked to the opening on Friday, May 10, to enjoy an exhibition of magnificent artworks highlighted by the present galleries.

The famous series “The Lebanese Women”, which is a vibrant tribute to these resilient and tenacious women created by Nicole Karam, was showed.

At the “Artists of Beirut” stand, the paintings of Caline Farah and Joy Najm were admired, along with the superb watercolors of Carla Sayad.

The ever captivating “Darwish” by Raouf Rifai, and among others, the subtle work of a talented Armenian painter at the Aramé gallery, Tigran Matulyan, were exposed.

An enticing program scheduled for the weekend includes fascinating discussions with the artists, notably Raouf Rifai (whose paintings are exhibited at the Nadine Fayad Gallery), which will be broadcasted live on YouTube.

Furthermore, an original collective project where all present artists will contribute to a canvas depicting the Saint-Nicolas Gardens will be updated with all signatures to be auctioned off for a noble cause.

The weekend promises to be rich in art, overflowing with hope and light from the Saint-Nicolas Gardens, in a Lebanon always bubbling with joyful excitement.