Art Design Lebanon (AD Leb) presents Life Beyond the Self, the first solo exhibition by promising Lebanese artist Christine Safatly. Held in the Mayflower Hotel in Hamra, Beirut, this captivating exhibition offers a deep dive into posthumanist philosophical themes through an impressive collection of artworks.

Christine Safatly, a talented emerging artist from Minieh, Lebanon, earned a Master of Fine Arts from the Lebanese University in 2018, specializing in painting, drawing and sculpture. Her work has been showcased in prestigious venues such as the 12th Berlin Biennale, the Beirut Art Center and Art Design Lebanon.

In Life Beyond the Self, Safatly invites us to question our anthropocentric view of the world. Her works, created with a variety of materials such as acrylic, oil, pastel and charcoal, explore the complex interaction between humans and other sentient beings, often mistakenly considered devoid of intelligence. By leaving her marks on various surfaces such as paper, fabric and even found materials like plastic tablecloths or rusted sheets, the artist articulates entangled biological and technological ecosystems, created and shaped by humanity.

The exhibition Life Beyond the Self prompts us to reflect on the notion of separation between the human self and its environment. As Christine Safatly herself explains, “Posthumanism questions the notion of separation between the human self and its environment, bridging the mental gap between ‘us’ and ‘them’.” This profound reflection is manifested through each work, highlighting the complexity of our relationship with the world around us.

The exhibition’s scenography, developed in collaboration with Etienne Coppé, a frequent collaborator of Safatly, was specially designed to integrate into the old warehouse of the Mayflower Hotel. The mismatched tiling and the austerity of the installations echo the timeless and primitive space of the laboratory where the artist conducts her experiments, while evoking the evolution of humanity’s influence on its habitat through the ages. This unique setting adds a dimension to the experience, immersing visitors in an environment that reinforces the themes explored by the works.

Annie Vartivarian, director and co-founder of AD Leb, highlights Christine Safatly’s remarkable talent and her audacity in addressing complex themes: “Working with Safatly on previous projects, we were struck by her fearless and deeply passionate approach to artistic creation. Her exceptional talent and boldness in addressing complex themes are evident in each work, combined with innovative artistic techniques that often involve the unexpected use of everyday materials. Art, in its essence, serves as a conduit for deep philosophical explorations, and Christine Safatly’s work in Life Beyond the Self offers a magnificent example.”

Life Beyond the Self is an invitation to explore the boundaries of our understanding of humanity and our place in the world. Through the powerful and evocative works of Christine Safatly, visitors are led to reflect on notions of posthumanism and to question the mental barriers we erect between ourselves and our environment. This exhibition is a testament to art’s ability to provoke deep reflection and push us to reconsider our view of the world.

The Life Beyond the Self exhibition will be held at the Mayflower Hotel, located in Hamra, Beirut, Lebanon, until Saturday, April 27, 2024. Opening hours: every day (except Sunday and Monday) from 12 p.m. to 7 p.m. For more information, visit the Art Design Lebanon website at, or follow them on Instagram and Facebook @artdesignlebanon.