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“Respect is what we owe to those who have paved the way for us.” This is what Taylor Swift must have forgotten when receiving her Grammy from the great Céline Dion. Surrounded by her team and Lana Del Rey, she scooped up the Album of the Year Grammy from Céline Dion’s hands without even acknowledging her, apparently seeing her merely as a prop good to display in a photo.

This incident occurred despite Céline Dion’s highly anticipated return to the ceremony, one of her first public appearances since taking a pause from her career to battle stiff person syndrome. Organizers billed her presence as that of an “absolute global icon,” promising an unforgettable moment. However, Swift’s reaction did not match this anticipated enthusiasm, sparking dismay and criticism.

This misstep underscores intergenerational tension in the world in general and in the music industry in particular, where respect for elders sometimes seems overshadowed by the younger generation’s quest for glory, illustrating the challenges of recognition and humility in the journey towards success.

This hiccup sheds harsh light on how youth, sometimes perceived as arrogant, may treat figures who have paved the way before them. This encounter between the two stars, far from the expected moment of transmission and mutual respect, was an anticlimax that triggered a wave of reactions on social media.

Criticism came from various sources, including public figures and the media, highlighting Swift’s coldness towards Dion. Comparisons were drawn with other artists who have shown more gratitude and respect towards their elders. However, despite the magnitude of the negative reactions, images and testimonies emerged showing Swift applauding Dion and the two artists embracing after the ceremony, suggesting that the incident might have been misinterpreted or exaggerated.

This episode unfortunately reveals a trend where youth, intoxicated by their successes and rapid ascent, may sometimes neglect the importance of recognizing and respecting those who contributed to shaping the cultural and artistic landscape in which they operate. The new generation eagerly tramples upon the legacy of its predecessors, too impatient to shine under the spotlight to bother with any homage to the past.

Yet, as the philosopher Alain said, “It is not age that matters, it is the spirit. One can be young at any age, and one can be narrow-minded from youth.” The spirit, audacity and creativity of our predecessors are what deserves to be honored, beyond the years.

We only have to see to understand the arrogance with which our country pop starlet received her award from the one who embodies the divas of yesteryears.

Indeed, our self-referential prodigies of today sorely lack this cardinal virtue that is gratitude, without which no society can prosper in the long term.

Unfortunately, the entire intergenerational pact seems to be under strain. The transmission of knowledge and the torch is more necessary than ever so that over time, newcomers honor their predecessors, not out of tradition but because their audacity brought forth new possibilities. And thus perpetuate the virtuous cycle of recognition, a guarantee of a healthy and ethical culture.

The road to glory is paved by those who walked before us, and recognizing their contribution is essential to navigate the intoxication of heights with grace and dignity.