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In a tribute that echoed the soulful legacy of Charles Aznavour, Lebanese singer, author, and composer Ghassan Yammine recently captivated audiences with a sold-out concert at Yerevan’s illustrious Aram Katchaturian Concert Hall on December 29. This outstanding event, a highlight of the New Armenia Generation national project, came to fruition following an exclusive invitation from New Generation Production.

Ghassan Yammine’s performance, conducted by the esteemed Maestro Yervand Yerznkyan and accompanied by the National Pop Symphonic Orchestra, masterfully encapsulated the timeless allure of Aznavour’s classics, leaving an indelible mark on the cultural tapestry of Armenia.

Throughout his visit, Ghassan Yammine garnered considerable media attention, engaging in numerous interviews across diverse platforms. He appeared on multiple television news channels, participated in radio shows, and held a press conference, all of which heightened anticipation for his performance.

The Armenian audience, known for their discerning appreciation of Aznavour’s work, wholeheartedly embraced Ghassan Yammine from the first strains of Hier encore. Their enthusiasm and applause only grew stronger as the concert progressed, covering a wide array of Aznavour’s hits such as Mourir d’aimer, La bohème, Désormais, She, Comme ils disent, For me formidable, Je m’voyais déjà, La mamma, and more.

The concert reached its zenith as over 1,200 spectators stood, offering Ghassan Yammine a thunderous 10-minute standing ovation as the grand finale drew near. In a heartfelt response to this overwhelming acclaim, Ghassan Yammine promised to return to Yerevan for another unforgettable concert in 2024, coinciding with the centennial celebration of the legendary Charles Aznavour.