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Björn Ulvaeus, a member of the renowned Swedish pop group ABBA which has sold hundreds of millions of records worldwide, has collaborated with the United Nations to promote copyright awareness in the digital age. The United Nations’ specialized agency, the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), in partnership with Ulvaeus, who is also the president of the International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers (CISAC), launched the CLIP platform (Creators Learn Intellectual Property) in Geneva on Friday November 17. 

The CLIP platform initiative aims to educate artists about copyright laws, enabling them to assert their rights more effectively and secure fair compensation for their work.

In a world where creators are producing music, artworks and other content at unprecedented levels and digital distribution is booming, many creators remain uninformed about how to obtain recognition and rights for their work, especially online. This observation was highlighted in a statement by WIPO.

Ulvaeus, a co-founder of the Music Rights Awareness Foundation, emphasized the significance of intellectual property rights knowledge for a successful career in the music industry. He stated, “I am well-placed to know how important it is for creators to understand and manage their intellectual property rights. In today’s world, this is fundamental to succeeding in the music industry.”

The initial version of the CLIP platform will focus on the music industry, offering users insights into the various stakeholders involved in a song’s commercialization and familiarizing them with music creators’ rights.

Daren Tang, WIPO’s Director-General, underscored the importance of supporting creators to maintain the cultural richness of societies and countries. He advocated for ensuring creators receive due recognition and fair remuneration, vital for their flourishing contributions to society.

ABBA, known for hit songs such as Waterloo, Dancing Queen, Mamma Mia and Money Money Money, reunited in September 2021 for an album release and a digitized hologram show. The acronym ABBA represents its members: Agnetha Fältskog and Anni-Frid Lyngstad (the two As), alongside Bjorn Ulvaeus and Benny Andersson (the two Bs).

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