Joy Moughanni’s musical prowess has been evident in a panoply of projects over the years. Collaborating with artists such as Zeid Hamdan, Samar Tarik, Taxi 404, Louss, Rust and Christina Keyrouz, his extensive engagement in the music scene can be traced back to his distinctive journey.

In the vibrant creative hub of Beirut, Moughanni has emerged as an undeniable connoisseur of music. Assuming different roles as a songwriter, composer, performer, producer and sound engineer, he embodies the relentless vigor of artistic creation. From a young age, Moughanni developed a profound affinity for music, drawing inspiration from legends like The Beatles and Supertramp, introduced to him by his father. A forsaken electric guitar in his home’s attic became the catalyst for his musical odyssey. At the age of 12, he began classical guitar studies at the conservatory. However, his fervent creative aspirations led him to depart from the institution after only two years, finding its pedagogical approach rather limiting. This marked the onset of his exploration into diverse musical genres under the tutelage of Elias Njeim. Discerning Joy’s exceptional flair, Njeim introduced him to the music production software, Cubase. Whereas most students utilized it for routine assignments, Moughanni was enchanted by its capabilities, crafting compositions for sheer enjoyment, even if, by his own admission, they were “inaudible.”

During a casual online perusal, Moughanni chanced upon a synthesizer demonstration on YouTube. Enthralled, he resolved to acquire one. “The idea that a device could generate such sounds was nothing short of mesmerizing. I knew I had to own one,” he recalls. At the age of 17, after toiling through a summer at a car wash, he managed to purchase one, marking his foray into electronic music. In matters of music, Moughanni’s tenacity knows no bounds.

As time progressed, he disseminated his music on SoundCloud and performed at various Beirut bars with his ensemble, Gizzmo. During his college years, he crossed paths with Alex Chahine. A swift musical kinship ensued, leading to Alex’s seamless integration into the band. Together, they clinched victory at the Beirut Open Stage competition, granting them the privilege to record a single with Fadi Tabbal. “Collaborating with Fadi in a studio setting was an immensely enriching endeavor, propelling me to record our debut EP,” Moughanni remarks. The EP materialized a year later. Concurrently, Moughanni and Chahine initiated the duo, Pomme Rouge, delving into the realm of Electronic Dance Music. Their rapid ascent to success was marked by triumph at the Beirut-Berlin Xpress competition and the subsequent recording of their pioneering project in Berlin.

“That victory served as a definitive pivot. I resolved to immerse myself wholeheartedly in music,” he shares. Moughanni harnessed various avenues to monetize his passion: sound engineering at the Music-Hall, producing for Light FM, regular DJing stints and engaging in eclectic production projects. Presently, he sustains himself through music, always acknowledging the trailblazers in Beirut who paved the way.

Recently, Moughanni continued his ascent in the music industry and put on two performances in Paris, at Badaboum on October 20, and at La Bellevilloise on October 21. His trajectory stands as a testament to the power of passion and unwavering resolve.

Amin Zorkot

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