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The upcoming workshops program for the second edition of the Brazilian Craft Club (Clube do Artesanato) is set to unveil its core essence. These workshops are scheduled for October 26 and November 2 from 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM. The happening will take place at the Instituto Guimarães Rosa Beirut, located on Mar Mitr Street, Ashrafieh.

Art lovers will get the exciting opportunity to engage in the crafting and design of a wooden coffee tray adorned with the flags of Brazil and Lebanon. This crafting activity, organized by Unique Creation, utilizes organically painted leaves. Participants will delve into the significance of the colors on the Brazilian flag and explore the intriguing connection between Brazil and Lebanon.

Craft Activity #3 (2 workshops): Crafting and creating a wooden coffee tray featuring the flag of Brazil and Lebanon using organically painted leaves.

Leading these workshops is Pâmela Cristina Ribeiro Bueno, an Arts graduate from UNASP – Adventist University of São Paulo. Under her expert guidance and her dedicated team, attendees will receive step-by-step instructions, ensuring a thorough and enriching learning experience. This event presents an excellent opportunity to immerse oneself in Brazilian culture and history while crafting distinctive art pieces, allowing for an expansion of one’s creative boundaries.

The workshops will primarily be conducted in Portuguese, but there will also be Arabic and English support. This initiative is brought to you in partnership with Brasileiros Adventistas no Líbano.

Registration Fee: 500,000 LBP.

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