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Nestled within the historic edifice of Bikfaya’s Serail, a notable art exhibition took place from August 18-27. This event, showcasing 73 masterpieces, was a tribute to the illustrious painters of the region.

Joseph Faloughi, the esteemed curator of the exhibition 100 ans de peinture à Bickfaya (A Centenary of Painting in Bikfaya), elucidated the thought behind this artistic and cultural initiative: he stated, “A month-long journey was needed to morph President Amine Gemayel’s vision into a tribute exhibition within the Serail’s venerable walls.” This cultural endeavor started with a synergistic alliance between the House of the Future (Maison du Futur), founded by President Gemayel and the Municipal Council of Bikfaya – Mhaidsse, and chaired by Nicole Gemayel. “This partnership,” Faloughi attests, “was the best shortcut to make this event happen.”


With regard to the artwork selection criteria, the committee meticulously curated works from regional artists, including renowned ones like Cesar Gemayel and Chafic Abboud, among other maestros spanning various epochs. Additionally, those who sought solace during their summer sojourns in Bikfaya, as well as Bikfaya natives, were integrated into this mosaic of artists. “The culmination of this rigorous selection process witnessed the representation of 36 artists,” Faloughi says. He underscored the parity achieved in the exposition, observing, “The most astonishing aspect of this curation was the artists’ gender balance—18 men alongside 18 women.” Consequently, the exhibition displayed a total of 73 chosen artworks. The most venerable piece showcased was a Gemayel pastel from 1921, marking a monumental 102 years of Bikfaya’s artistry.



Situated a mere 30 minutes from Beirut, Bikfaya juxtaposes the city’s vivacity with the sacred charm emblematic of Lebanese villages. Historically known for its cultural celebrations, Bikfaya has perennially exalted art through its renowned Festival of Flowers. Immersed in this artful place that reflects culture and aesthetic sophistication, the region has always inspired artists. May it eternally bloom, symbolizing an emblematic Lebanon of art and cultural grandeur.



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