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Last night, the Ambassador’s Hall of the Casino du Liban was bathed in the luminous presence and performance of Jean-Jacques Lafon during the gala dinner “Pour l’amour du Liban” (“For the Love of Lebanon”).

In the midst of Lebanon’s economic crisis, this event, masterfully orchestrated by the production company Icon by Beit Rizk, stood out as an evening of enchantment, solidarity and hope.

Jean-Jacques Lafon’s bond with Lebanon, which he regards as his second homeland, is undeniable. Teaming up with the radiant Lebanese singer Manel Mallat, their harmonious collaboration captivated the audience. Emotions peaked during the debut of “Liban Liban,” a newly penned song by Lafon as a tribute to the country’s majesty and resilience. This song is more than just a melody, it shines as a beacon of optimism amidst the current turmoil.

The pair revisited classics like “Le géant de papier” and delivered a moving rendition of “Liban Liban.” Manel Mallat invoked nostalgia with iconic songs from Dalida, Edith Piaf and other giants of French music.

Beyond the melodies, the evening also paid tribute to Claude Barzotti, another legend of French music. Gilbert Rizk, from Icon, lauded the night not just for its artistic brilliance, but also for its humanitarian intent.

The event’s philanthropic undertone was evident. A substantial portion of the proceeds will be dedicated to the Rebirth Beirut initiative, aiding the reconstruction efforts following the devastating explosion of August 4, 2020.

While Beirut has seen its share of flashy concerts, often criticized for their showiness, the “For the Love of Lebanon” gala distinguished itself by valuing human connection over extravagance. It underscores the idea that music can be an avenue for support, not just a display of financial prowess.

After the artists took their leave, the vibe remained electric, thanks to DJ Marc who kept the festive mood alive.

Not only did the night at the Casino du Liban echo with the melodies of Lafon and Mallat, it also reinforced the essential role of music as a unifying force, an inspiration and a pillar of support in challenging times.