There is electric energy buzzing in the air at the Ullens Center for Contemporary Arts in Beijing. It’s July 13, 2023, and the much-anticipated exhibition Matisse by Matisse opened its doors to the media, its first audience, offering a stunningly intimate journey through the creative mind of a true master.

Matisse by Matisse is a unique voyage through the life and artistry of a visionary. The exhibition, taking place in China, left the guests in awe during a media preview.

Eyes of visitors were treated to the magnificent artwork of the renowned painted Matisse.

Henri Matisse, the French artist behind these mesmerizing works, needs no introduction to the art world. He was a revolutionary and influential figure of the 20th century’s early decades. His innovative use of color and form virtually turned the art world on its head. Breaking away from the restrained, realist painting style of the previous century, Matisse emerged as a pioneer of Fauvism, a movement characterized by its wild, bold brushwork and vibrant, nonconformist colors.

Many paintings were on display. For instance, the bold colors of Window at Tahiti or Tahiti II capture Matisse’s enchantment with exotic landscapes and are a perfect illustration of his adventurous palette. Moreover, Two Young Women, the Yellow Dress and the Scottish Dress, drew gasps and intrigued murmurs. This artwork is Matisse in his most playful mood, brilliantly showcasing his unique talent for rendering intricate patterns and textures, while also exploring the intriguing dynamics of color and light. Additionally, Portrait of Madame Paley is a sublime representation of Matisse’s ability to capture character and emotion with a few elegant strokes. This exquisite portrait epitomizes the artist’s iconic style, fusing both his Fauvist sensibilities and a deep appreciation for classical form.