The Grand Canal in Venice, Italy, has transformed into a fluorescent green color, prompting an investigation by the police to determine if it may be linked to the actions of an environmental activist.

A section of the Grand Canal in Venice, Italy, has turned fluorescent green, prompting the police to launch an investigation amidst speculation of an environmental activist action.

According to Luca Zaia, the President of the Veneto region, the residents reported the color change on Twitter.

“The prefect has called for an urgent meeting with the police to investigate the origin of the substance,” he added.

According to the local newspaper La Nuova Venezia, the police are trying to determine if climate change activists could be responsible for the phenomenon.

The firefighters have announced their assistance to the regional environmental protection agency in collecting samples for analysis.

It is not the first time the Grand Canal has turned green. In 1968, the Argentine artist Nicolas Garcia Uriburu dyed its waters green using fluorescent dye during the 34th Venice Biennale as part of an ecological awareness campaign.

Miroslava Salazar with AFP