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A decisive clash awaits the most passionate basketball fans at the Antoine Choueiri stadium in Ghazir, where Sagesse takes on Club al-Riyadi tonight at 9 PM as part of the Wasl (West Asia Super League) tournament.

The Big Battle

After losing the first match in the WASL tournament last Wednesday, Sagesse is aiming to satisfy its frustrated fans, who will not accept a third consecutive defeat against their traditional rivals, especially after the team’s mediocre performance last Sunday in Manara and their fall to third place locally.

For its part, Al-Riyadi is looking to maintain the same momentum and close out the series tonight to avoid a play-off match next week. The team is going through its best period. It secured the league lead in its favor before entering the local knockout stages, and also put one foot in the West Asian region final by winning the first match. It will be looking to confirm and settle that tonight.

With both teams under pressure, the real winner remains the Lebanese basketball public, with the privilege of witnessing a third derby in the space of a week, a rare opportunity that doesn’t come along every day.

Sagesse is aiming for a 1-1 draw, while Riyadi is looking to end the series at 2-0.

So, who will emerge victorious from this fierce battle?