The judiciary is still actively pursuing the case of the TikTok pedophile case.

Mount Lebanon’s first investigating judge, Nicolas Mansour, has rejected the formal defenses of five detainees, who waived their right to appeal. Moreover, according to MTV, Judge Mansour interrogated the TikToker at the center of the issue, Gigi Ghanoui, and two minors, in sessions lasting several hours.

A judicial source revealed that the detainees “deny the charges” adding that “through questioning, discrepancies and contradictions among their statements become apparent,” adding that “the case will not be concluded soon.”

The source also indicated that new complaints have surfaced, bringing the total number of detainees to 14, with many more suspects still at large, with absentee warrants filed against them.

Judge Mansour is also in possession of a new file regarding a young man’s suicide allegedly caused by the gang. Those involved may now face additional charges of murder, compounding existing charges such as money laundering, rape of a minor and drug use.


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