Abu al-Fadl Qarnabash, the former key bodyguard of Hezbollah’s Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah, was killed on Tuesday afternoon in an Israeli airstrike that targeted his car on the Damascus-Beirut Road near the Ya’four-Saboura checkpoint, according to information obtained by This is Beirut. Qarnabash had a role within the pro-Iranian formation, in addition to his past role as Nasrallah’s bodyguard and his participation in several important military operations.

Sources denied that the incident involved the death of a member of the Quds Forces.

According to Lebanese media, a drone targeted a car near a military checkpoint on the Damascus-Beirut Road, close to the Saboura checkpoint. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported that two Hezbollah members were killed in the Israeli strike. A military source noted that the car targeted by the drone had a Lebanese license plate.

Minutes after this strike, a second airstrike targeted a car in Yahfoufa on the eastern mountain range on the Lebanese border from the Syrian side.