Caretaker Minister of Education Abbas Halabi stated in an interview on MTV Lebanon that the official exams will proceed as planned, despite the ongoing conflict in southern Lebanon.

“We are well aware of all the difficulties and concerns that the students in the south are enduring,” Minister Halabi noted. “However, we have a national educational obligation. We have chosen the exam centers in the safest locations, developed an emergency plan, and distributed the admission cards, which are usually not given out until 24 hours before the exam date,” he said.

He emphasized that “the official exams will be held on their scheduled dates: June 24 for technical education and June 29 for high school certificates, at the same time across the Lebanese territory. This decision is irrevocable.”

Halabi added that the Ministry will start distributing admission cards to students in the south on Friday. “It is my duty to ensure all conditions are met for conducting the exams, and students need to know that a school certificate does not qualify them to enter universities and institutes abroad,” he stressed.

“I must conduct these exams, and rumors suggesting that the Ministry is not ready or that there will be certificates issued instead are just rumors. I want to stress that the exams will be held on schedule,” the minister reiterated.