Since Monday, a video has been circulating on social networks, calling for donations to finance the purchase of drones, via the Islamic Resistance Support Organization, a branch of the Hezbollah network.

This is the last straw for a pro-Iranian militia which always claimed to be funded by the Islamic Republic and boasted of having unlimited access to the mullahs’ funds.

Need we remind Hezbollah that the war that has been raging in southern Lebanon since October 8 is the result of a unilateral decision taken by the group’s Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah, in defiance of state institutions, but above all, of the Lebanese people who continue to fight for their survival against all odds?

Drones, weapons, missiles and cannon fodder are far more important to Hezbollah than food, fuel, medicine, peace and prosperity. Whether it’s the liberation of Al-Quds or the quest for a divine victory, any argument is good enough to defy the Constitution, violate institutions and take hostage a people wounded by an Iranian diktat.

Hassan Nasrallah, leave the Lebanese in peace! If you’re short of funds, ask Qard el-Hassan for a loan!