Lebanese Forces (LF) MP Ghassan Hasbani believes that “the international community is unwilling to tackle the issue of Syrian migrants seriously and find a comprehensive and radical solution to this existential problem.” Speaking on the Voice of Lebanon radio station, Hasbani warned against “the current status quo, which is content in international aid.” He also criticized the State for not taking necessary measures to protect the nation from this danger.

According to the LF MP, “The international community must provide financial aid to displaced Syrians in Syria or resettle them in a third country that accepts assistance from the United Nations on its territory.”

Finally, Hasbani called on the government to “take measures against the UNHCR, such as closing its offices in Beirut if necessary, as it is violating Lebanon’s sovereignty and signed memorandums of understanding.” One example is the agreement signed in 2003 stating that Lebanon is a country of refuge, not asylum.