French President Emmanuel Macron’s personal envoy to Lebanon Jean-Yves Le Drian is expected in Beirut on Tuesday, according to information relayed by local TV channel al-Jadeed.

He is due to meet the members of the National Moderation parliamentary bloc over lunch on Wednesday at the Résidence des Pins, the headquarters of the French Embassy in Beirut, according to the same sources.

Le Drian is also scheduled to meet caretaker Prime Minister Najib Mikati and Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri, as well as the main parliamentary blocs.

This visit follows the latest meeting of the ambassadors of the Quintet Committee (USA, France, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Egypt), held on Monday at the Egyptian Embassy in Beirut, and the one that preceded it at the US Embassy in Awkar.

The Quintet ambassadors had given themselves a deadline of one month, until the end of June, to move forward with the election of a new president, stressing the need for Lebanese political parties to hold consultations in order to reach an agreement on the presidential dossier. These would be followed by an open election session with successive rounds in Parliament.