General Security (GS) recently shut down dozens of restaurants, factories and stores in the Beqaa region after uncovering an illegal network of Syrian nationals managing, producing and marketing counterfeit food products that fail to meet even the most basic food safety standards.

GS agents discovered establishments run by Syrian investors operating illegally, as part of their ongoing campaign to combat offenses linked to the illegal Syrian presence in Lebanon.

Flour mills, restaurants, stores selling dairy and cheese products, food packaging plants, and companies manufacturing household and cleaning products were sealed off.

These establishments also specialized in counterfeit food brands, which were sold to restaurants, grocery stores and supermarkets, and consumed by both Lebanese and Syrians.

Several tons of food products were seized and will be examined before being discarded.

The campaign was established under the supervision of Beqaa Prosecutor General Mounif Barakat, in cooperation with the Ministries of Industry, Health and Economy, and under the directives of the head of General Security, Elias Baissari.