Tensions remain at their highest in southern Lebanon, where artillery exchanges between Hezbollah and Israel have continued unabated since October 8, when Hezbollah opened this front in support of Hamas in its war in Gaza.

On Saturday morning, a young fisherman was injured in an Israeli drone strike on a motorcycle in the village of Naqoura. He was transported to the hospital, where he received the necessary treatment. According to reports, his condition is stable. The Israeli Army also carried out raids on Wadi al-Asafir in Khiam, and bombed the outskirts of Debel and Hanine.

In addition, Israeli reconnaissance aircraft flew at medium altitude over Hasbaya and the Shebaa Farms until dawn on Saturday.

For its part, Hezbollah announced that it had fired rockets at a gathering of Israeli soldiers in the vicinity of the Biranit barracks. Hezbollah’s press service also broadcast images of the Hezb operation against the Israeli military base Tsnobar 651 in the Golan Heights, occupied by Israel.

On Friday night, the Israeli Army carried out three raids against the village of Khiam.