The Israeli Army confirmed on Thursday that “for the first time, a security facility was targeted last night in the Golan Junction as a result of the explosion of a Hezbollah drone.”The Israeli Army radio also announced that the Army “sent technical teams to the scene and is investigating the extent of damages.”

In parallel, ‘Al-Hadath’ reported that “Hezbollah’s drone hit a giant Israeli balloon which detects missiles and drones yesterday.”

The Israeli Army also declared that two rockets were fired from Lebanon towards the settlement of Matat in the Upper Galilee on Thursday morning without any reported injuries. Israeli spy drones have been heavily flying over the villages of Tyre Caza and the sea coast.

According to Israeli media reports, villages around Baalbeck-North Bekaa were subject to a series of violent Israeli shelling in the early morning in response to Hezbollah’s attacks.

The eastern mountains facing Brital and Khraiba, in addition to Nabi Shit, were targeted by 10 consecutive warplane bombings.

According to information, raids targeted a training camp belonging to the pro-Iranian formation in Nabi Sreij, which had been evacuated earlier, with no casualties reported according to initial reports.

Yesterday, Hezbollah had declared targeting an air force surveillance and detection system, west of Tiberias, claiming that they had achieved “what they wanted in accurate and precise hits, in an operation which comes in response to assassinations carried out by the Israelis.”